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AI Trial Advancements by Carle

At Carle Cancer Institute Urbana, improving patient outcomes is at the heart of all we do, and clinical trials can help us extend our treatment options. When patients have exhausted all other alternatives or treatments have failed, clinical trials provide them with access to new, advanced therapies. Carle has announced a new attempt to increase the identification of potential clinical trial participants by analysing data with artificial intelligence.

Deep 6 AI, a California-based business, built this new programme, which has been in use at Carle since August. Carle is using the software to find new potential participants for 20 research. Finding participants that meet the exact qualities required for the research study is one of the most time-consuming and difficult components of clinical research. Deep 6 AI employs a unique approach to develop a clinical profile for individual patients by searching through thousands of clinical data points such as test results, physician notes, lab reports, treatments, and much more, all while ensuring that personal health information is preserved.

AI Trial Advancements by CarleClinical profiles can be used by researchers, analysts, and doctors to discover and match patients to clinical trials. A physician’s recommendation and a conversation between the patient and the physician determine whether or not a patient participates. This method improves the ability to locate clinical trials for patients while also preventing the unnecessarily disclosure of sensitive medical information.

The National Cancer Institute is funding a study to examine if there is a link between high blood sugar and pancreatic cancer, which is benefiting from Deep 6 AI. Carle was able to identify and enrol one person in the trial using typical approaches in just five weeks. Deep 6 AI software, on the other hand, found six more people who were qualified for the New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Cohort research in a couple of minutes.

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