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Amazon Healthcare Venture Brings Alexa to the Bedside

Amazon is increasing its investments in the multi-trillion-dollar healthcare business. Given the e-commerce company’s track record of introducing new and innovative technologies into current businesses, this is absolutely within its scope. In terms of healthcare, Amazon initiatives with Amazon Care, the company’s initiative to provide telehealth services, are the most notable. In addition, Amazon revealed its next effort earlier today: integrating and scaling its well-known Alexa technologies into senior living communities and huge healthcare organizations.

As stated by the initiative’s leaders, the goal is straightforward: to improve people’s quality of life. The program’s purpose for senior living facilities is to foster a more profound feeling of community and togetherness by tailoring resident experiences by personalizing communal information such as activity schedules and meal choices. In addition, care team workers may connect with residents more effectively utilizing Alexa communication features, which allow them to make Announcements, make voice and video calls, and send direct audio messages to other Alexa-enabled devices throughout the community.

Amazon Healthcare Venture Brings Alexa to the BedsideMany well-known healthcare organizations, such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Cedars-Sinai, BayCare, and Houston Methodist, strive to integrate Alexa into their patient care processes. But this initiative is essential not only because hospitals are adopting more digital technologies; maybe, more importantly, this creative cooperation and commitment to digital connectivity heralds a new era and focus on improving patient and resident quality of life.

According to a well-established principle in clinical medicine, patients’ health outcomes and longevity are often linked to far more than purely medical treatment. Simply put, patients have better health outcomes when multiple externalities are emphasized, such as a comfortable stay, positive support systems, frequent visits from family. Sense of community—the idea is that patients have better health outcomes when multiple externalities are emphasized.

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