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Amazon Virtual Assistant Gets New Male Voice Ziggy 

Amazon has launched a new wake-up word for its Virtual Assistant. The company also added a new male voice and named it as Ziggy. Users can give a command like Ziggy, please play my song. The new voice option was introduced when the company announced its new celebrity voices, including Shaq and Melissa McCarthy.The Virtual Assistant was spotted by The Ambient. Alexa’s competitors Siri and Google Assistants both had female and male voice assistants. The new male voice assistant is only available to users in the United States. The company plans to roll out to other regions in the coming months.

Users can change their voice by saying, Alexa, change your voice. Your voice assistant will change the gender as per request. You can also go to the Settings menu on your Alexa app and change the gender of your voice assistant. Using the same settings, you can also change your wake word from Alexa to Ziggy. The change, however will be device-specific, so you will have to change it separately on each of your Alexa-powered devices.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Gets New Male Voice ZiggyIn the Alexa app’s settings menu, the name of the voice assistants is not mentioned by name. Users can choose between Original and New. Alexa is the original voice, and Ziggy is the new voice. So If users can pick Ziggy as a voice assistant and wake word, they must choose the New option.

Apple and Google also have multiple voice options for Siri and Google, but the companies have not named them. Siri Apple’s Virtual Assistant voice options appear as Voice 1 and Voice 2. Apple has not specified the gender. It was reported that girls who were named Alexa were subjected to relentless bullying in schools. Due to that, many students have changed schools. Many parents of girls named Alexa want Amazon to change the wake word to a non-human name. The report also revealed that people say the name Alexa out loud and then issue a command.

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