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Amazon’s Halo Rise Sleep tracker and alarming device

Amazon’s new Halo Rise won’t use any contact to track sleep. new Halo Rise that is scheduled to be launched later this year is a brilliant sleep tracker that don’t require the user to wear any wrist catch or band during sleeping. This is a bedside alarm that doesn’t even require contact with the user.

In the morning, whenever the user wakes up, he/she will receive a full report of their sleep quality, pattern, REM or deep sleep and so much more. Amazon’s even clarified that there are no cameras or microphones installed in the device as well.

Amazon’s Halo Rise Sleep tracker and alarming deviceAmazon’s said in the press release that in the contemporary world, with rising competition and workload, sleep is something no one gets enough of. Having a good and sound sleep is extremely crucial for a healthy body and mind. This is why they are launching this device, to not only track the sleep, but to also analyze the sleep pattern and help users improve it.

The Halo Rise can be connected to Amazon’s alexa as well. With this feature, the user can talk to the halo rise with the help of alexa and command to tell the sleep pattern. Amazon’s has decided to price the Halo Rise device at $139.99. For such a great product, it is a great deal. Device available for pre-orders. What are you waiting for then? Go, grab yours now!

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