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Ambarella Launches Next Generation AI Engine

Targeting autonomous vehicles in domain controllers Ambarella has launched its CV3 family of AV domain controllers embedded with next-gen AI engine. The AV domain controllers can process 20 streams of image at a time. The new family of AV domain controllers is based on third generation of Ambarella CVFlow AI engine IP. The AV domain controllers can process multiple and complex neural networks simultaneously along with detecting objects, segmenting objects, and path planning.

The new CV3 family also includes AI accelerator with power of 500 eTOPS. Additionally, the CV3 family also includes vision processor, GPU, 16 ARM cores, and other crucial hardware required in L2+ to L4 vehicles. Ambarella CV3 has long range cameras, driver monitoring system, Mid-short range radar, long range radar, surround view or shirt range cameras, and more such hardware that performs processing tasks.

Ambarella Launches Next Generation AI EngineThe latest generation is developed integrating and studying hundreds of open-source networks, past internal network, and customer algorithms. The architectures is flexible to perform all the tasks efficiently. The CV3 has image signal processor that is capable of operating in challenging situations like lightning, and thunderstorms.

Also, to help driver operate efficiently the stereo cameras, it is embedded with advanced features GPU of the system enable parking assistance with the help of visual representations. In the new system the internal memory system is optimized to remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies in other systems. The first SOCs in the Ambarella CV3 family will be available for sampling in first half of 2022.

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