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American Electric vehicle Company Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Subscription

Electric vehicle Company Tesla launched the Full Self-Driving subscription service. For $199 per month, owners of supported Tesla vehicles will be able to get a taste of the company’s most advanced self-driving features. Tesla also stated that the vehicles marketed as having full Autopilot capabilities might need an additional $1,500 hardware upgrade to use FSD.

Electric vehicle Company Tesla vehicles come with basic self-driving Autopilot capabilities, allowing them to remain in the lane, adjust speed based on traffic, and so on. The Full Self-Driving package adds advanced features like navigation on Autopilot, summon, and lane changing on Autopilot. The subscription allows people to try out the more advanced self-driving capabilities without spending so much up-front. It could cost more in the long run if you then find you can’t go back to basic Autopilot.

American Electric vehicle Company Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving SubscriptionElectric vehicle Company Tesla learned several years ago that the computer hardware in its cars wasn’t powerful enough for FSD mode. It designed the latest Hardware 3.0 with a custom chip for this purpose. Vehicles sold between 2016 and 2019 may have the older Hardware 2.0 and 2.5, even though they were advertised as having self-driving capabilities. The ones who use older computers need to drop $1,500 on a new system before they can even subscribe to the $200 add-on service.

The latest full self-driving Beta v9 software update is currently being tested on 2,000 vehicles via the early access program. Musk has touted the latest software update as mind-blowing and one can improve faster through machine learning (ML). Tesla Vision is a computer vision system that depends on optical imagery and not on readings from radar sensors that was a part of Tesla’s sensor suite earlier.

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