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Android 12 Beta Version Allows Facial Feature Accessibility 

Android 12 is adding a feature that would allow users to control their smartphone using facial gestures such as smiling or eyebrow movement. The feature would use your front-facing camera to read users facial expressions and enable a variety of features.

The developers also warned that the feature can be power-intensive and that phones should ideally be plugged in while it’s in use. Android has received several accessibility features with recent releases, which like these facial expression controls are directed to making the phones easier to use for people with disabilities. Android 11, last year delivered improvements to the operating system’s voice control feature. Earlier in the year, Google released a collection of other accessibility updates including customizable Action Blocks, which let users assign custom actions to large on-screen buttons.

Android 12 Beta Version Allows Facial Feature AccessibilityThe arrival of the new feature alongside the latest Android 12 beta suggests it will be officially launched as part of the operating system update later in the year. XDA Developers notes that the latest version of the Accessibility Suite app appears to be backwards compatible with Android 11, suggesting it might not be exclusive to Android 12.

In Android 12 Beta 4, the Google logo also gets a Material You makeover with the four primary colours from the wallpaper. The technology giant has also added the Easter Egg with every Android version. Users may access it by going to Settings followed by About Phone and then selecting the Android version 12 to go to the Android Version page. Tapping 12 for three times consecutively allow users to see an image of the device wallpaper with the clock widget.

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