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App Launcher For Chrome OS

Chrome OS used a smaller, left-aligned launcher where app icons and a search box were held. It was more akin to the Windows 10 start button. The new launcher is more like the full-screen start option that Windows has buried in its settings.

Chrome Story uncovered a new launcher in development that aims to optimize access to apps, app content, and app actions. Users can try the new launcher right now by copying and pasting the following URL into Chrome’s address bar:chrome://flags/#productivity-launcher

App Launcher For Chrome OSThe app launcher for Chrome OS combines the elements and design of both the old and new launchers into one. This is called the productivity experiment: App launched by Google. It can be enabled on Chrome OS Canary with a flag of the same name. It aims to allow users to rapidly access content such as apps and more as seen above.There is a Flip page button under the search bar.

There’s an Assistant button. Depending on the layout users can see Google’s new Categorical Search feature. There are also five horizontal Item labels. This will take the layout of the old launcher and that of the new and place them into a more compact space. This is the primary launcher for Chromebooks. But Google hasn’t unveiled whether this feature will be optional. The user could even swap easily between the two when it detects that a peripheral such as a keyboard is added or removed. For now, the new launcher experiment is barely working, so we’re in the very earliest stages of something great.

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