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Apple AirTag gets an Android App

An Apple AirTag is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that attaches to an object like your keys and can be located using Apple Find My network with an app on the iPhone, Mac or iPad. It provides a level of security and privacy unmatched by other Bluetooth trackers.

Apple said it would update the time it takes an AirTag to play an alert once it’s separated from its owner. Apple is working on an Android version that will be released later this year to help those users detect if a stranger’s AirTag is moving with them.Bluetooth trackers aren’t new. The biggest selling point for the AirTag is Apple Find My network, which is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. The Find My network was opened up to third parties that can use the network for items like bikes and headphones.

Apple AirTag gets an Android AppThis will increase that number of devices on Find My and make it even more robust. These devices help you find the lost keys. As soon as someone with another device on the Find My network, like an iPhone, crosses its path, the AirTag will communicate securely with the iPhone in the background to update the location of your lost keys. This device is a frame that showcases the strength and popularity of Apple Find My network.

The AirTag will make a noise at a random point between 8 and 24 hours after they have been separated from their owner.AirTags work with any iPhone or iPodTouch on iOS 14.5 or any iPad on iPadOS 14.5. A single AirTag costs $29 and a four-pack is $99. You can order an AirTag starting Friday April 23 and AirTags will be available on April 30.

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