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Apple to Reveal some not so good news to all iPhone Users

Apple had considerable knowledge of an existing problem but was highly uncertain of it.Users had expected that if there was any time when Apple would mention it anywhere or acknowledge that it would be during the earnings call. And that is when it has exactly happened.

A word that came up a lot of times during the call was “constraints.” It was on the CFO of Apple, Luca Maestri, to break the bad news to the audience, who has been waiting for the moment.Normally, this has to be put down to scarcity marketing, getting in there quickly with one’s iPhone orders, because otherwise, the users will fail to receive benefits from this sort of thing.

Apple to Reveal some not so good news to all iPhone UsersStill, these supply limitations are fundamental and are affecting almost every company that is involved in the manufacturing industry.On the whole, Apple does like to underpromise and overdeliver those promises, especially where Wall Street is concerned, so it does not surprise the users that there is this air of caution.

The landscape is changing rapidly.But the people think it is interesting and somewhat telling that Apple was eager to make such a statement, which caused the stocks to fall down. This statement was not made casually.If someone likes getting a new iPhone as soon as they go out, then they might have to work a little harder this year.

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