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Apple will Send Messages via Satellite in Emergency Situations

After the new launch, it is very clear that the company hasn’t brought any big changes to the new device. The company announced that the new iPhone 14 and 14 pros could send messages via satellite during an emergency situation. In the current market, satellite communication has become increasingly popular.

Apple has teamed with Globalstar for satellite operations to run the service and intends to use the company’s 24-satellite constellation, putting an end to long-running speculations about its ambitions for Band 53/n53 communications. This effectively adds Apple to the long list of businesses working to remove dead zones, as T-Mobile called it when it announced a collaboration with SpaceX last month to develop its own emergency communications service.

Apple will Send Messages via Satellite in Emergency SituationsSimilar to that service, the new emergency SOS via satellite will be available in the US and Canada. This business has a fairly high number of participants, given the enormity of the physical, financial, and legal commitment involved in placing satellites into orbit. During a test of their satellite in 2020, Lynk Global, a startup, claims to have been the first to send a text message from space.

The goal of Lynk Worldwide is to create an unaltered phone-based global emergency communications network. By the end of the week, AST SpaceMobile will launch a test satellite, allowing users to use satellite-to-phone connections for 4G and even 5G internet. The producer of iPhones is contributing $480 million to satellite infrastructure, the majority of which will go to Globalstar. Additionally, the company has a commitment to receive 95% of the cost of any new satellites linked to the function.

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