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Artificial Intelligence not a Strategy for Customer Experience Accelerator

You can sense worry and despair if you read the news about Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs on any given day. From a recent UN report on AI’s potential to undermine human rights to the use of AI in malware to hack into journalists’ phones, it may appear that  developers and inventors have lost control of the technology’s vast potential.

However, these stories overlook the more successful and well-regulated innovations that are supporting and optimising real-world work and the daily interactions between humans and. Artificial Intelligence has a better chance of having a real influence when it is handled holistically to see how it might optimise an entire system, including the humans within that system. Customer service was one of the top use cases for , according to the Global Artificial Intelligence Agenda, a research published by MIT in March 2020.

Artificial Intelligence not a Strategy for Customer Experience Accelerator60% of CEOs anticipate Artificial Intelligence will play a role in 11% to 30% of their processes, implying that will have a significant but not necessarily dominant impact on how most organisations run. Following the epidemic, the overall pace of digital adoption is likely to have affected these indicators, and the necessity to incorporate digital and AI solutions is now critical to remain competitive.

Chatbot applications are one of the fastest-growing areas of AI use in the industry. It’s frequently a fantastic spot for businesses to start using AI and get immediate results. As text-based phone trees, chatbots scarcely provided a customised or knowledgable experience, and their impact was more aggravation than cost-savings — and certainly not a mechanism for developing brand loyalty — when commentators predicted their demise in 2018. Natural language comprehension and Artificial Intelligence-enabled knowledge are used by today’s bots to convert requests into intent and speak more organically.

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