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Artificial Intelligence Toys can Pose Privacy Risks

Smart toys can be useful for kids but they can pose privacy risks. These Smart toys are made with Artificial Intelligence, such as machine-learning capabilities, and can collect different forms of data from kids. Whether an Artificial Intelligence-enabled toy is personalizing lessons based on how fast your kid learns shapes or a doll is learning your kid’s favorite ice cream flavor, toy experts expect more of these toys to be introduced in the years ahead.

Even though early missteps and high sales prices have limited consumer interest to, singer-songwriter and chair of the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Awards’ judging committee said that an Artificial Intelligence toy starts to learn the child, this means the toy in the next 15 years will be smarter than the parent and gather all this data that could one day hurt the child.

Artificial Intelligence Toys can Pose Privacy RisksAll the smart toys learn from children and provide an adaptive and responsive play experience. There are two main categories of smart toys that fit within this framework. First, smart companions, which learn from and interact with the child during activities. The programmable toys are designed with machine learning that moves and performs tasks to teach kids educational skills.

ROYBI Robot creates personalized lessons to teach kids educational subjects like science, languages and math. It has a camera and microphone to detect facial and emotional reactions from kids, but all of the information collected is controlled through a parent or guardian’s account.Many rules prevail in the United States to protect information about children. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act protects children 13 years and younger and their personal information on the internet from being taken without express approval from parents, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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