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Brightflag Receives Patent for Innovative AI Application

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded a patent for the Brightflag that have invented innovative artificial intelligence application and application of machine learning in legal technology. Under the US patent law, Patent No. 11,107,137, validates the systems, techniques, and processes of the legal system. These applications are central to the software invented by Brightflag.

Brightflag software is used to apply machine learning to get insights about counsel invoices. The software embedded with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is designed in such a way that it can automatically classify invoice text into the appropriate processes and activities that will allow the creation of structured and machine-readable data for the legal system.

Brightflag Receives Patent for Innovative AI ApplicationThe data will thus help the in-house teams of legal service delivery. The team will, therefore, better understand and control the costs for legal services around $300 billion in the US alone.The patent proves the uniqueness of the technology used by Brightflag for designing the software. The software can translate the legal description into an understandable format which acts as a powerful asset for the customers and save their costs.

The software is highly operational, and its impact can be seen during the invoice review process. The software interprets the invoice narratives with greater speed and accuracy. Most importantly, the software can identify a breach of billing guidelines.  This results in both time and cost savings. The value associated with the insights delivered by the software is important for the legal matter lifecycle. The company continues to build more such machine learning models for the legal system.

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