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California based Razer Inc  Launches New Noise Cancelling Headphones

California Based Razer Inc has introduced the Barracuda X, a multiplatform wireless gaming headset that takes design cues from the company’s Opus noise-cancelling headphones. They are available starting today for $99.99.The box includes the small USB-C wireless transmitter that’s almost identical to the one that SteelSeries has included with some of its headsets since 2019. It allows compatibility with the Nintendo Switch in portable mode, the PS5’s front-facing USB-C port, and some phones and tablets directly through their USB-C ports.

California based Razer Inc includes a five-foot USB-A cable with a USB-C female end that the transmitter can plug into for devices that don’t have a USB-C port, like a PC, PS4, or the Switch’s dock. It can also serve as an extender if there’s some interference between the headset and your USB-C port. The headset also works wired and includes a 3.5mm cable.

California based Razer Inc Launches New Noise Cancelling HeadphonesUsers can plug the Barracuda X audio cable into your Xbox controller 3 .5mm jack. Using the dongle allows it to eliminate the irritating connection problems that plague Bluetooth, such as latency and having to turn Bluetooth off on a paired device if you want to connect to a different device in the vicinity.

However, you lose the broader wireless compatibility without Bluetooth, which would make it more suitable as a general phone headset and, possibly more importantly, not bogart the port needed for charging. On-ear controls consist of just power, mute and volume, plus there’s a jack for the removable mic. The Barracuda X comes fully equipped with all necessary accessories for the ultimate out-of-the-box multi-device experience.

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