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Carillon Selects SkyWater to Develop Holographic Optical Beam Steering Technology

Today, SkyWater Technology, Carillon Technologies’ valued technology partner, announced that it would provide solid-state HOBS (Holographic Optical Beam Steering) chips for satellite and other FSOC (Free-Space Optical Communications).Lumotive, a Carillon partner, pioneered and is now developing HOBS technology for automotive LIDAR applications. By working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Carillon is onshoring the HOBS technology so that it may be reliably and swiftly produced for commercial and national security purposes.

One of Carillon’s goals is to find commercial inventions – technologies that are unavoidably produced elsewhere – and bring them back to the United States so they may contribute to our nation’s security while creating high-paying employment in the United States.Because SkyWater is the only DoD-accredited trusted supplier that is owned and runs in the United States, they are a perfect partner for creating safe access to innovative technology.

Carillon Selects SkyWater to Develop Holographic Optical Beam Steering TechnologyExisting and future space systems are in dire need of lightweight, low-cost satellite-to-satellite laser communication connections. Large, heavy, and expensive moving mirrors may be replaced with solid-state chips thanks to HOBS technology, resulting in considerable cost reductions. There is a need for optical links in current communication constellations as well as in future high-performance and robust space applications and systems.

Thanks to SkyWater assistance, we’ll be able to adapt and transmit commercial HOBS technology to the prime contractors, government, and U.S.-based space firms more quickly, said Evans. With SkyWater trusted status, unique technology development services, and rapid manufacturing in a single facility, they are the right partner for our initiatives.”

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