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Collection of Smart Device Essentials Delivered by Google

This week, Google Cloud Next is taking place virtually. While they usually make a lot of announcements during their yearly event, Google Intelligent Product Essentials is one of the less well-known ones this year. Google essentially supplies all of the fundamental components to develop distributed IoT and edge computing solutions with Intelligent Product Essentials. For example, data ingestion, connectivity for data acquisition and IoT device OS/security updates, acquired data into a database appropriate for the type of data generated, central and edge cloud application processing, AI/ML analysis, and more.

Collection of Smart Device Essentials Delivered by GoogleIt’s more of a template or workbench than a product, connecting various connectivity and integration components to give businesses a head start on a complete IoT and edge-deployed solution. Google engages with clients directly in some cases. Still, for the most part, it relies on specialized systems integrators (a list of which will grow over time) to finish a customer’s solution. The SI’s primary focus would be on implementing IoT components and sensors that must be monitored and enabling the processing of the generated data for insights into required actions and user and device interactions.

Google service launch focuses on consumer-oriented use cases, such as smart ovens and intelligent bicycles. However, I expect more businesses and organizations to be interested in how Intelligent Product Essentials can assist manufacturers in creating modern environments for machine monitoring, maintenance, and failure analysis. Also, how it can help organizations in deploying complex IoT solutions for smart-city infrastructure, healthcare monitoring, remote inspections, and other applications. There is a growing demand for IoT-enabled and edge-powered solutions.

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