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Coolest Way to Learn Electronics through DIY Robots

Toys with technology aren’t just for kids. Adults that are inquisitive about programming and are interested in Electronics can also benefit from playing. Hands-on activities, after all, are a terrific (and enjoyable) way to learn, especially if you’re making your own little robot pals from the ground up. If you enjoy all things electrical, get your hands on this Wacky Robots package, which is currently on sale for $49.99.

This package of five whimsical devices isn’t for kids; master the ins and outs of Electronics, programming, and soldering with this set of cute and colourful little robots. The bundle includes with everything you need to make little robots, thanks to CircuitMess, the team behind top educational Electronics products. Neither a science education nor specialised technical training are required.

Coolest Way to Learn Electronics through DIY RobotsBob, Capacitron, Mr. Bee, Marv, and Resistron are your new companions. Each small robot is as much fun to create as the next, and each one teaches a different lesson in an easy-to-understand manner. Take Bob, for instance. You’ll assemble the 16-piece robot and learn everything there is to know about light emitting diodes, or LED lights. When you’re done, the six LEDs will change colour automatically.

Mr. Bee is a great way to learn about unbalanced motors, and your robot will move and vibrate, making a bee-like buzzing sound, once you’ve completed the eight-piece kit. You’ll learn how capacitors operate and how to tell the difference between a push button and a switch as you create the rest of your Wacky Robots. You’ll also be educated.

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