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Despite Approval across Multiple Countries the US Reluctant over AI Patents

Recently, the court in Virginia that rejected an applicants’ filing that sought approval for giving AI Patents now states that for now, at least AI cannot patent inventions in America.But many countries like South Africa and Australia have ruled that AI Patents inventions. This leads to a greater question about the future of AI as well as Patents.Giving AI Patents for inventions raises a fundamental question about the future of Patents.

Artificial intelligence is bringing multiple innovations and amazing capabilities and is paving the way to advanced scientific research or helping for in-depth study. But the questions of credibility, Artificial intelligence itself, or the scientist who are at effortlessly working putting the machines on track. Who should take the credit? And, this question persists to a greater extent.

Despite Approval across Multiple Countries the US Reluctant over AI PatentsAccording to the US laws of patent, Artificial Intelligence cannot get a patent for inventions. The law says AL cannot be listed as an inventor. But the question remains, what if the machine is the inventor?Stephen Thaler had recently filed a patent application that sought a AI Patents. Thaler has designed an invention the machine called Dabus. The machine has invented two innovations, a novel flashing pattern and fractal geometry-based drink container. However, regardless of providing various considerations by Thaler, the court has rejected its application.The patent filings in the US for AI have increased in recent years.

Pressure on the international patent law may therefore undergo pressure in coming years.However, back in the Virginia court judgment, the judge has said it would think of permitting patent to AI when AI reaches a level of sophistication satisfying the clauses of patent law. This states that for now, AI Patents filing will not be accepted in the US.

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