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Drive-thrus to get Artificial Intelligence in it

Many people have had the misfortune of buying fast food from a drive-thru and afterwards discovering that their French fries were gone or that their burgers were slathered in ketchup they didn’t want. Artificial intelligence (AI) could make ordering food from a talking box simpler, faster, and more precise.

It’s possible that you won’t have to wait long for AI to take your next drive-through order. Checkers and Rally’s are the latest fast food chains to test voice-ordering bots in their Drive-thrus, joining McDonald’s. The company wants to install the AI-based voice assistant at 267 restaurants as part of a partnership with Presto. For the time being, the new technology will only be available at corporate-owned restaurants.

Drive-thrus to get Artificial Intelligence in itPresto’s artificial intelligence voice assistant automates speech recognition in restaurants and can also be used in Drive-thrus, kiosks, and pay-at-table systems. Presto claims to have a 95 percent accuracy rate and to increase labour productivity by up to three times. Customers may be greeted, orders can be taken, orders can be transferred to POS systems, and other operations can be performed using conversational AI a test study last year that the AI voice assistant was 98 percent accurate in taking drive-thru orders and didn’t require restaurant employees to interfere. Even varied consumer accents were handled by the system. Checkers & Rally’s isn’t the first company to experiment with or deploy AI-driven Drive-thrus.

McDonald’s used Dynamic Yield’s machine learning and AI to personalise the drive-thru experience. McDonald’s successfully trialled voice-ordering technology in Chicago last year. The emergence of AI-powered voice assistants in Drive-thrus is being fueled by a number of factors. The first is the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to an increase in customers using Drive-thrus rather than eating inside restaurants due to concerns about being infected with the virus.

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