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E-scrap Disposal Increased in Washington Cascadia Consulting Group data

According to a study analyzed by Cascadia Consulting Group, the E-scrap disposal from homes and businesses has increased in one of the US states, Washington. The study shows that this has been majorly due to mobility restrictions imposed by US government during the pandemic leading to failure in E-scrap collection.

The e-sites were closed and also the sites restricted the size of TV that could be accepted. This resulted in public trashing their electronic waste in Washington state. On the basis of sampling during the 2020-21audit, the Cascadia Consulting Group analysis showed that residents and businesses in Washington threw about 41,441 tons of electronics that include television sets, computers, monitors, and other e-devices.

E-scrap Disposal Increased in Washington Cascadia Consulting Group dataThis resulted into 21% from the previous audit. That means, approximately 10.7 pounds per person electronic waste was disposed during 2020-21 with an increased 9.6 pounds per person than the last audit.The report also showed which types of electronics were mostly trashed from homes and businesses. The trash of LCD TVs was 19.3%, CRT TVs 18.4%, CRT Monitors 2.3%, computers 1.6%, computer peripherals 4.2%, computer printers 11.7%, audio equipment 2.5%, gaming equipment 4.5%, and other electronics 35.6%.

The study also included the disposal data of single-use and rechargeable dry-cell batteries. The single-use and rechargeable dry-cell batteries result into wasted resources when disposed in garbage and also pose environmental risks for the collection trucks, landfills, and other recovery stations.

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