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England Teen arrested for hacking GTA 6

hacking charges upon a teen from the UK as he hacking GTA 6 and Microsoft, previously. The police of the City of London have arrested a 17 year old teenage boy from Southern England as his hacking charges are confirmed. The investigation against this boy was initiated by the National CyberCrime Unit of the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom.

England Teen arrested for hacking GTA 6The charges against the boy are for computer misuse and for breaching two bail conditions. The detective inspector of this case has confirmed that the kid will be presented in the Highbury Corner Youth Court. Policies did not provide any further information. But one reporter tweeted that this might possibly be the same teen kid who was caught hacking Microsoft and Nvidia. This incident is linked to the breach of two bail conditions.

This arrest was made as Rockstar games and maybe (not fully sure) Uber was hacking. The police arrested around 7 suspects aged between 16-21 years who might have some connection to the mastermind. However, a report claimed that after a few months a 16 year autistic kid was arrested as he was the leader of the group, who had the online names – White or Breachbase. Although, Rockstar games became more tight in terms of cyber security, still someone did manage to leak the future GTA 6 footage

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