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EVGA Corporation will Replace Graphic Cards, Affected by Amazon World MMO

EVGA Corporation will replace its Geforce RTX 3090 graphics cards that were affected by the closed beta of Amazon’s New World MMO. The spokesperson said that all the failed 3090 graphic cards are being replaced. Many players who tried out the game’s closed beta complained about their graphics cards getting bricked, especially EVGA  RTX 3090 cards.

Amazon said that there was no relation between the graphic card issues and the New World closed beta. Many players who played in the New World Closed Beta yesterday, with millions of total hours played. They have received a few reports of players using high-performance graphics cards experiencing hardware failure when playing New World.

EVGA Corporation will Replace Graphic Cards, Affected by Amazon World MMOThe statement said that New World makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API and that it has seen no indication of widespread issues with EVGA Corporation’s graphic card EVGA RTX 3090s during the closed beta or many months of alpha testing.

Even Though the company said that there were no issues from the game’s side, Amazon did put out an update to alleviate the concerns that players may be having. Amazon stated that the New World Closed Beta is safe to play. To reassure players, the company will implement a patch today that caps frames per second on our menu screen. They are grateful for the support New World is receiving from players around the world and will keep listening to their feedback throughout Beta and beyond.New World was originally supposed to launch in August 2020 but was understandably delayed several times. The latest postponement sees the launch date pushed back to August 31 to make substantial improvements.

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