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Facebook Advertisers Are Panicking

With iOS 14.5 released to the public earlier this year, iPhone and iPad users now can easily opt-out of cross-site and cross-app tracking and targeting. This has affected Facebook and advertisers.New data from analytics firm Branch indicates that just 25% of users are opting into tracking, which is causing panic in the advertising industry.

The new report showed that the impact is being felt in particular by Facebook advertisers. Facebook is reportedly no longer able to provide certain metrics to advertisers to help them know whether their ads are working:

Facebook Advertisers Are PanickingWhile Facebook declined to respond to Bloomberg’s report, data from Branch shows that roughly 75% of iPhone users are now running iOS 14.5 or later with App Tracking transparency and that just 25% of those users have tapped on Allow when they see the prompt.Facebook says that it is working on new features to help make up for the data lost due to App Tracking Transparency, including new advertising features that require fewer data to measure an ad’s success. The company is also reportedly exploring ways to deliver ads based on data stored on the user’s device.

The new prompt from Apple Inc., which arrived in an iOS software update to iPhones in early June, explicitly asks users of each app whether they are willing to be tracked across their internet activity.  Most are saying no, according to Branch, which analyzes mobile app growth. People are permitting apps to track their behavior just 25% of the time, Branch found, severing a data pipeline that has powered the targeted advertising industry for years

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