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Facebook Includes Video and Voice Call into Main App 

Social Media Giant Facebook is currently testing voice and video calls to the main Facebook app. The features are currently intended for the Messenger app, which the company originally created from its big blue main app in 2011 and officially removed in 2014.

Voice and video calls are two features in messenger hat Facebook rolled out in its other products like Portal video cameras and Oculus virtual reality headsets. The social media giant hasn’t shared if it plans to bring other parts of Messenger back into the fold. The company said that users are going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time.

Facebook Includes Video and Voice Call into Main AppThe company said that it is testing voice and video calls in several countries and also in the US. The company did not reveal how many users will see the features of what this means for the Messenger app in the future other than for a full-featured messaging, audio and video call experience, people should continue using Messenger.Facebook first facilitated messaging between its Instagram app and Messenger last September, and there are plans to bring the capability to its WhatsApp messaging service as well. Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer has insisted that combining the messaging services is a benefit to users which allows them to reach more people and reduces the need to download or jump between separate apps.

The social media company said its revenue grew 56% in the second quarter to $29 billion, meaning it grew faster during the period than Apple or Microsoft. More impressively, its profit grew an astounding 101% to $10.4 billion. Daily users across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp increased 12% from the same time last year to 2.76 billion.

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