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Family Hub Smart Fridge by Samsung Gets New Look

The smart fridge has long been the target of numerous IoT-related memes, but Samsung believes that a more colourful design is all that smart fridges require to get a foothold in your kitchen. While it still can’t consistently determine what food you need and automatically order it so you don’t have to think about shopping, the business will show off its newest incarnation of the smart fridge at CES 2022 next week, and it can be a gorgeous shade of blue.

Samsung Bespoke appliance range now includes the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. The Bespoke series, which debuted in 2021, is a collection of modular, adjustable appliances with a clean, modern aesthetic and changeable colours and finishes. Bespoke was created with the goal of allowing people to personalise their kitchens and laundry facilities. Refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washers, and dryers are all available in a variety of bespoke colours that may be combined and matched.

Family Hub Smart Fridge by Samsung Gets New LookThe fridge will be available in 12 different colours, including yellow, blue, pink, white, green, grey, and orange; two different finishes, glass or metallic; and three different styles, four-door flex and three- or four-door French door models, all of which will be available in full or counter depth. While the new style and colour options are the main draw, there are a few additional tech-focused features in this version of the Family Hub.

These features include a new, bezel-less design for the trademark 21.5-inch touchscreen, which allows the tablet interface to blend into the refrigerator’s glass panel, as well as support for Samsung TV Plus and the ability to reflect a Samsung TV on the tablet.

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