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Future Map for Qualcomm by Snapdragon

Simply said, Snapdragon is about technology excellence that enables Qualcomm’s bold ambition to expand beyond smartphones. Premium mobile experiences were the focus of the summit’s technological leadership. Fundamentally, this entails cutting-edge technologies and features that help the Android smartphone ecosystem advance. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC continues to offer a slew of significant feature and capability improvements that are typical of every new SoC generation.

The computational photography and video aspects were the most notable this year. Thanks to three 18-bit ISPs, the 8 Gen 1 allows handset OEMs to deliver 8K HDR video and the capacity to synthesise up to 30 images with each press of the shutter for beautiful HDR shots. Aside from chips, Qualcomm’s technological leadership is increasingly focused on artificial intelligence.

Future Map for Qualcomm by SnapdragonToday’s premium smartphones run over 100 machine learning (ML) models, according to the Snapdragon team. Snapdragon continues to expand its AI application across a wide range of smartphone features, from computational photography to antennae tuning, bringing the total to over a million. These models are being run in greater numbers and at a faster rate.

Snapdragon announced dramatic improvements to silicon and architecture to keep OEM customers competitive in the world of AI computing, in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for and complexity of AI processing.unveiled its seventh generation AI Engine, which takes advantage of the 8 Gen 1’s heterogeneous compute architecture and expanded shared memory to handle AI workloads more efficiently (70 percent better performance per watt) than the previous generation 888.

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