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Germany Based Elgato Deck MK.2 Supports Seven Faceplates

Germany Based Elgato Stream Deck is a popular tool for live-streamers, letting them set shortcuts and controls they can access with the push of a button. The company announced a new model on Thursday, the Stream Deck MK. 2. This version brings a host of welcome improvements, including a detachable stand, interchangeable faceplates, and a removable USB-C cable. You can order it right now on Elgato’s website for $149.99.

While the Stream Deck MK. 2 does seem like a nice upgrade, it was announced on perhaps the worst possible day. Just a few hours ago, Valve made a huge splash by revealing its new handheld gaming console called the Steam Deck. With the hardware comes new software. The Stream Deck 5.0 app features more plugins including integration with the products above as well as access to sound effects, royalty-free music and more.

Germany Based Elgato Deck MK.2 Supports Seven FaceplatesWhile they’re entirely different products, there’s sure to be some confusion about the names Stream Deck versus Steam Deck. Elgato also revealed the streamer-friendly Elgato Facecam, the Wave XLR USB audio interface, new mic arms, and more.

Elgato has been into consumer technology products since 2010 with many people using its products across the globe. Elgato users have been facing an issue that is affecting the Key Light and Key Light Air devices.Users reported that they are getting the Elgato remote control plugin missing message while changing the scenes with the Stream Deck plugin. Elgato soon resolves the said issue so that users can control their Key Light and Key Light Air devices with the Stream Deck plugin for Control Center without any hassle.

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