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Global Chip Shortage to Hamper Laptop Production, says Acer

Acer, one of the world’s biggest laptop manufacturers, has warned that manufacturing will be slowed until at least the first two quarters of next year due to a global chip shortage. Tiffany Huang, Acer co-chief operational officer, stated in an interview with Guardian Australia published on Monday that the business can only supply half of the global demand on any given day.

Tiffany said, “It will continue to be slow until the first quarter or second quarter of next year. We have a severe shortage, and it’s not simply just to make sure every family has a device to use, every person has to have a device for working or education.”

Global Chip Shortage to Hamper Laptop Production, says AcerThe covid-19 epidemic, she said, had compounded the scarcity. When the world was put on lockdown last year, a slew of new remote employees and individuals trapped inside prompted a rush on consumer electronics like computers and webcams. Automobile sales increased due to the epidemic, which made people (understandably) less likely to use public transportation.

Major component manufacturers have warned that the worldwide chip scarcity is unlikely to ease anytime soon, thereby bottlenecking any industry that relies on graphics cards or computers. Given all of this, Huang told Guardian Australia that Acer shifted its focus last year away from gaming and into its education product line.

Acer revealed a new line of gaming laptops, PCs, and Chromebooks last week that will be available later this year. Given its difficulty obtaining chips for its products, don’t be shocked if the deadline is pushed back. In a similar situation, Sony has warned that it will likely be unable to meet the demand for its PlayStation 5 console until 2022. Meanwhile, Nvidia stated in February that it would re-license some of its older GPUs to board partners so that they could release new hardware.

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