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Google Launches New Custom Made chip Google Tensor

Google announced on Monday that it will build its own smartphone processor, called Google Tensor, that will power its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones this fall.Google devices will not use the Qualcomm chip. The move follows Apple, which is using its own processors in its new computers instead of Intel chips.

Google is using an Arm-based architecture. Arm processors are lower power and are used across the industry for mobile devices, from phones to tablets and laptops.Qualcomm said it will continue to work closely with Google on current and future products based on its Snapdragon platform. Google Tensor will power new flagship phones that are expected to launch in October.

Google Launches New Custom Made chip Google TensorGoogle in recent years has focused on affordability in its Pixel devices instead of offering high-end phones. And it shows that Google is again trying to compete directly in the flagship space against Apple and Samsung.The name Google Tensor is a nod to the name of Tensor Processing Unit the company uses for cloud computing.

It is a full system on a chip, or SoC, that the company says will offer big improvements to photo and video processing on phones, along with features like voice-to-speech and translation. It comprises a processor that runs artificial intelligence applications, in addition to a CPU, GPU and image signal processor. It will allow the phone to process more information on the device instead of having to send data to the cloud.Osterloh said the new chip will help Google’s phones take better photos and videos. They really made a custom computer built for computational photography.Osterloh showed one example of how the new chip can help decrease blurring when a subject moves while you’re taking a picture. The same technology Google uses to improve photos can now be used to improve videos. This wasn’t possible in other chips.

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