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Google Maps to Get New Features and Dark Mode 

Google Maps is getting a dark mode on iOS, nearly two years after Apple rolled out dark mode as part of iOS 13. The feature will be launched in a few weeks and should be welcome when you’re using the app at night or in dark environments.

The company also shared a picture to get an idea of what dark mode will look like. Google said that to turn on dark mode, go to the settings menu, tap on dark mode, and then tap on. If users want Google Maps to flip between light and dark mode to match your system settings, you’ll be able to do that.Google Maps on iOS is getting a couple of other features in August as well. The app will support widgets and will offer one that shows the traffic conditions near you and another that has shortcuts for Google Maps‘ search bar and places like your home or restaurants near you.

Google Maps to Get New Features and Dark ModeGoogle will also soon let you share your live location from iMessage, which could be a handy way to tell your friends or family in a group chat where you are. By default, users’ location will only be shared for an hour, but users can share it for up to three days if you’d like. When the feature is rolled out to you, tap the Maps icon in iMessage, and users can see an option to share your real-time location.

 A spokesperson said that’s because the shortcuts are personalized based on a variety of factors, like your location, saved places, interests, and past searches. Google is preparing to shut down its My Maps app on Android this October in favor of only supporting the web app.

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