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Google Redesigns the Search Engine using AI Tech

Google stated today that it will improve Search using AI developments, including a new technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM). The business highlighted new capabilities, including those that use MUM, at its Search On event to better connect web searchers to the material they’re seeking for while also making web search feel more natural and intuitive. One of the new features is called “Things to Know,” and it aims to make it easier for individuals to comprehend new topics they’re looking for.

This feature learns how people search for information on various topics and then offers web users the aspects of the issue that people are most likely to look at first. If you search for “acrylic painting,” for example, Google may recommend “Things to Know” such as how to get started with painting, step-by-step, or the different kinds of acrylic painting, pointers on acrylic painting, how to clean acrylic paint, and more.

Google Redesigns the Search Engine using AI TechAccording to Google, it can detect over 350 different subjects linked to acrylic painting in this case. This tool will be available in the coming months, but Google says it will be expanded in the future by leveraging MUM to assist web users discover even more information about a topic beyond what they originally searched for, such as “how to produce acrylic paintings with household items.”

In addition, the company is working on new ways to assist web users in refining and broadening their searches without having to start over with a new query. Continuing with the acrylic painting example, Google may offer to connect you to material about certain painting techniques, such as puddle pouring, or art classes you might be interested in taking. Then you could zoom in on one of the other topics to view a visually rich page of search results and ideas from all around the web, including articles, photographs, videos, and more.

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