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Google’s Foldable Phone Display Production to Commence

Google’s may have stopped the production of the Pixel Watch, but a Pixel Fold still very much seems to be on the way. The leak last August that revealed the company was planning to release its first folding Pixel phone in late 2021. Korean industry site TheElec is now reporting that Samsung will begin production of folding OLED panels this October for Google’s, Vivo and Xiaomi upcoming folding phones, all of which will reportedly be revealed late this year.

Google’s hasn’t exactly kept its folding phone features a secret. In 2019 the company published patent applications for its folding screens and admitted it had been prototyping them for quite some time, and that it didn’t have a clear use case yet. It appears Google has a foldable, codename Passport, that could be nearly ready to announce.

Google Foldable Phone Display Production to CommenceThat codename also hints a bit at the design of the foldable. Like a physical passport, it seems possible the device will have a book-style fold for its display. A report from February also pinpointed a 7.6-inch display, further hinting at that design. For an idea of what that design could look like in person, we can look to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series. We reviewed the Z Fold 2 last year, with the form factor cementing the idea that this technology is the future of smartphones.

Like Samsung’s flagship foldable, reports claim that the foldable will use ultra-thin glass to create a smoother internal display that feels better under the fingertip. It also helps with durability.There are also some points of speculation that can be made regarding this device. It’ll be similar on the spec sheet to other Google’s Pixel phones, most likely mirroring the Pixel 6, which is expected to use Google’s custom Whitechapel chipset and offer two cameras.

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