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Google’s New Titan Security Key will Have USB A and C Connector

Google’s launched an updated version of the Titan security key lineup on Monday. The company simplified the device by removing a product and bringing NFC to all its keys. The company will now offer one with a USB-A connector and another one with USB-C, and both have NFC for connecting to most mobile devices. The USB-A key will cost $30, and the USB-C key will cost $35 when they go on sale on August 10th.

Google’s new Titan Security Key lineup is an updated USB-C key, which has added NFC support. The previous USB-C option, made in collaboration with Yubico, didn’t support the wireless standard. The company gives two options and the users have a choice between USB-C and A. This is an easy choice as there aren’t features that one has that the other doesn’t. Based on the device the computer supports, one can select the device. The company did not immediately respond to a request.

Google’s New Titan Security Key will Have USB A and C ConnectorTitan security keys can be used to protect your Google’s account as well as with third-party apps and services that support FIDO standards, such as 1Password. They can act as factors to secure your account even if an attacker obtains your username and password. Security keys also fight back against phishing since they won’t authenticate a login to a fake website that’s trying to steal your credentials. The security keys also work with Google’s Advanced Protection Program, which is designed to provide extra security to people whose accounts may be targeted.

Google’s current USB-A security key already includes NFC and sells for $25. The USB-A plus NFC key that Google’s lists in its blog post will sell for $30, but it comes with a USB-C adapter. The Google’s spec page stated that the USB-A key currently listed in the store doesn’t include one unless bought as part of a bundle.

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