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GrowthStream Can Effectively Enhance Output & Conserve Water

Drip irrigation has been the most predominant forms of supplying Water to the crops for decades now. Certain modernized, and technologically equipped approaches have also been introduced. These include introduction of technology-enables systems, electronic devices, sensors and so on.

A novel irrigation technology is now gaining traction for its unique capabilities. GrowthStream, is the new technology system offering direct communication with plants. It is a widely deployed plant-responsive irrigation technology that is based on two phenomena of organic chemistry, and plant physiology. The longstanding research led by Suzanne Simard walks through the complexities of the mycorrhizal networks of forest tress revealing the communication patterns.

GrowthStream Can Effectively Enhance Output & Conserve WaterThe functional significance of the advanced smart irrigation system is the placement of subsurface tubing that consists of pore-filled polymer capable of sensing a plant’s needs.During a plant’s needs for Water, the crop releases certain chemicals in the surrounding soil which are sensed and responded by the microporous tubing. As a result, the technology provides Water, and nutrients based on the absorption capacity of the roots. As the needs are fulfilled, the slow release of nutrients through the micropores is stopped.

Significance of the plant-interactive technology is its capabilities to response in real-time to the plant signals. This in turn allows the technology to interact with a plant’s response to varying temperature and winds.Since the technology system is completely in sync with the plant’s needs, it achieves stress reduction which encourages more growth with higher yields.

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