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How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing Online

Auto play in Videos has proved to be annoying on a universal basis. On social media, they can take in, and the next thing is that people have spent almost an hour scrolling through the available online. On websites, they get in the middle of the way, following around the pages being visited by the user and covering up the text of an important article.

Thankfully, there are new ways that have been introduced to restrict Videos from auto-playing on every website a user is visiting. Social media apps offer methods to disable them, and the users will also find the options built into many popular browsers. Such auto-play  are played on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and they also tend to appear on internet browsers as well, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and even Safari.

How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing OnlineThe easiest way of getting rid of these Videos is by going to Settings, then finding ‘Cookies and Site Permissions’ or ‘Privacy & Security or ‘Cellular Data’. Then, there will be an option related to such auto-play, which, when turned off, won’t bother the user anymore.

It should be paid attention that all these options and settings should be done after installing the latest and most recent updates of all the social media apps and internet browsers. That is how the users will access all these newer options to stop the annoyance and irritation built up due to the auto-playing of the Videos online.

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