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In 2021 Samsung Electronics Sold Millions of The Frame

Samsung Electronics revealed today that ‘The Frame’ has sold over one million units this year, making it the company’s first million-seller in its Lifestyle TV series. By the end of the year, total sales of The Frame will have surpassed two million units, thanks to solid demand in North America and Europe. The Frame is more than simply a TV-watching device; it’s a lifestyle item that improves a place’s design and enriches people’s lives with its extensive art collection.

Samsung Lifestyle TV collection is led by the Frame, which is the most popular model. The Frame’s design, features, and size have developed since its first release in 2017, reflecting consumers’ ever-changing tastes and lifestyle needs. For example, as people spend more time at home, the appeal of home entertainment content has grown, as customers demand their displays to function as more than just a home appliance and complement their interior decor.

In 2021 Samsung Electronics Sold Millions of The FrameThe Frame successfully combined these trends to provide consumers with a balance of form and function, resulting in increased sales for the collection. Samsung strives to improve picture quality and keep up with customer trends with each new edition of The Frame. Samsung will introduce QLED picture technology in 2020 to produce more brilliant visuals.

The TV also has a brightness sensor that adjusts the brightness level based on the environment, allowing viewers to appreciate optimal images and movies fully. In addition, Samsung released an 85″ variant in July 2021, bringing the total number of sizes to five to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and living spaces.

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