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Intel Won Its Appeal Against Euro €1.06 billion antitrust fine imposed by the EU

Intel Won has won its appeal against a €1.06 billion antitrust fine imposed by the EU in 2009. The fine was imposed on Intel for giving rebates to Lenovo, HP, and Dell for buying most of the chips from dell. However, now has won its appeal. According to the judgment, the commission’s analysis is incomplete. The judgment included other aspects that make innocent in all the allegations made by the EU.

Intel recently along with HP, Dell, and American Association of Community Colleges has lunched AI Incubator Network Initiative. Since the program launched in 2020, Intel has expanded it to 31 schools across 18 states in the country.

Intel Won Its Appeal Against Euro €1.06 billion antitrust fine imposed by the EUThe program will soon be expanded across the entire nation and strengthen the AI ability of the country, foster national dialogue, and bring together resources required for strengthening the AI capability to the community college system. The program will provide greater access to tools and technical skills to the learners and technical skill and training to the AI teachers.

The announcement confirms that it will grow Intel AI for workforce program from 18 states to 50 states by end of 2023. The AACC AI Incubator Network will attract educators to provide higher education AI technical and literacy skills and support community colleges providing the tools that are needed to teach the artificial intelligence courses.

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