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IntelliVision Corp to Postpone the Launch of Amico 

Intellivision Corp has delayed the launch of Amico. The console was supposed to launch this October. Now, again it is delayed, with the company behind the console promising that folks who pre-ordered it will get the machine by the end of the year. This is the third delay Amico has experienced. The company sent an email to people who had pre-ordered the console. Intellivision Entertainment explained how disappointed it was that it wasn’t able to keep its original schedule.

The company said that they planned to launch Amico in the Fall of 2020 but had to adapt during the midst of the global pandemic disrupting our production. Despite the efforts of the company, and they are facing new unprecedented international component supply and logistics challenges beyond our control, we want to apologize as we are forced to push our desired launch date yet again.

IntelliVision Corp to Postpone the Launch of AmicoThey also ensure that those who have anticipated the Amico for so long get a chance to enjoy it as soon as possible. They also said that they would keep all the customers and interested parties informed and updated on our continued progress.

First revealed in October 2018, the Amico is a family-friendly console focused on smaller, cheaper games. The newly revived Intellivision Entertainment is led by famous video game composer Tommy Tallarico. The company began taking pre-orders for the system in 2019, with promises of an October 10, 2020, release.The console was delayed a few months before that first release date and given a new launch date of April 2021. The console was delayed again until October 2021, a year after it was first planned to release.

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