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IoT Innovations driven by 5G are breaking Barriers

What do smartphones and smart homes have in common with electric vehicles, planes, medical gadgets, industrial automation, and 5G technology? Connectivity. TE Connectivity (TEL), founded in Switzerland, connects them all with innovative sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) breakthroughs. TEL stock plunged shortly after its IPO in July 2007, when the financial and housing markets collapsed. However, TE Connectivity’s share price has climbed as high as 1,975 percent since the start of a new bull market in March 2009, before pulling back in August this year to begin developing its present chart pattern.

Since the collapse of the housing market in 2007, TE Connectivity has also survived the coronavirus outbreak. Before beginning to construct its current base, TEL stock climbed 215 percent from its epidemic lows. The company and its stock have capitalized on the surge in innovative technology, 5G, IoT developments, and the demand for the sensors and connectivity that these technologies enable.

IoT Innovations driven by 5G are breaking BarriersTE Connectivity collaborates with industry leaders and innovators to develop sophisticated sensors for a variety of applications. As a result, TE Connectivity produces the connecting infrastructure that enables today’s “smart” world, from energy, aerospace, and medical equipment to intelligent buildings, 5G networks, and electric vehicles. While TE Connectivity is not a household name in the United States, it is a significant participant in the industry.

In 2020, the company expected to produce $12.2 billion in revenue, up from $3.85 billion in the previous quarter. Leaders in the mutual fund industry have taken note. In addition to TE Connectivity’s eight consecutive quarters of increased fund ownership, 69 funds with an IBD A+ rating own TEL stock. TE Connectivity has rebounded from several quarters of underwhelming financial performance, just as it did on the sales side of the ledger.

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