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Laiye Collaborates with HUAWEI CLOUD to Power Brazil’s Digital Transformation

HUAWEI CLOUD, a major global cloud service provider, and Laiye, a leading artificial intelligence solution provider, announced today a strategic partnership to accelerate digital transformation in Brazil through cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration will be expanded throughout the rest of Latin America.

Laiye and HUAWEI CLOUD are dedicated to helping organizations innovate, develop, and deepen digital transformation using cloud technology as part of the worldwide move toward a cloud-powered future and in recognition of the expansion of startups and tech enterprises in Brazil.”Intelligent automation may help revolutionize any business at its heart, rather than merely automating or enhancing efficiency.

Laiye Collaborates with HUAWEI CLOUD to Power Brazil's Digital TransformationLatin America is a region rich in potential and growth, and collaborating with HUAWEI CLOUD enables us to service this dynamic and rapidly rising market while using AI, cognitive, and cloud capabilities “Laiye’s General Manager LATAM, Petter Dalen, stated.”We look forward to collaborating to investigate how expanding cloud and AI technologies affect and improve digital transformation in LATAM industries such as retail, logistics, education, and healthcare.”

Brazilian start-ups are creating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to boost productivity and development in industries ranging from agriculture to retail.”Huawei blends digital and electronic technologies to propel cloud-based innovation forward. Our aim, in collaboration with Laiye, is to add value to the industry and society via innovation, as well as to assist our clients in going digital by providing creative and dependable products and solutions “Qin Dan, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Brazil, stated.

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