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Microsoft to Launch Next Generation Windows Called Windows 10X

As per the trusted reports, on 24th June 2021, Microsoft stated the upcoming launch of the next generation of Windows. This happened just a week after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave an idea about the significant improvements to the personal computers operating system for the creators and the developers.

Windows is a widely used operating system for many computers and laptops in several businesses and schools. It accounts for around 14% of the company’s revenue and is regarded as one of the most important companies across the globe. The previous version of Windows, Windows 10 was launched in 2015, and it had two updates each year to date since it became available.

Microsoft to Launch Next Generation Windows Called Windows 10XCEO Nadella made remarks on the Windows enhancements in the previous week, just after the company announced not shipping Windows 10X. This operating system was previously designed for dual-screen such as the Surface Neo, which has been delayed.The company has shifted its focus towards single-screen laptops and PCs for Windows 10X.

They further stated that instead of bringing the new product Windows 10X to the market, they are aiming towards their past experiences and increasing the implementation of the foundational 10X technology in several other parts of the Windows and other products in the company.Last month, Microsoft announced an update for Windows 10, which had very few changes than the previous version. As per the trusted reports, the launching event will be streaming online at 11 am ET.

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