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Micross Announced a 64-fold Density Increase in the MRAM Parts 

Micross has announced the release of a 1 gigabit magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) component, the company’s highest-density part to date – and one that it thinks will demonstrate the future of spintronics for high-reliability computing under challenging settings. The compact Micross chip, which comes in 18x20mm ceramic land-grid array (LGA) and ball-grid array (BGA) formats, is the company’s highest-density MRAM part yet, part of the company’s efforts to persuade a variety of markets that spintronics-based MRAM.

It stores data as magnetic elements rather than electric charges or current flows is the superior choice for high-reliability electronics. Even though Micross provides an SRAM-compatible interface, the new part doesn’t replace dynamic or static RAM. Instead, the business promotes MRAM as a flash storage option with inherent resistance to “hard conditions,” which explains the company’s target industries of aerospace, defense, space, and industrial.

Micross Announced a 64-fold Density Increase in the MRAM PartsAvalanche, the company behind the MRAM in Micross‘ device, first introduced spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive RAM (STT-MRAM) technology in 2015, using a 55nm process at the time but aiming for a shift to a sub-10nm process as manufacturing capabilities improved. The part uses a 22nm version of Avalanche’s STT-MRAM technology, which probably helped the businesses achieve the astonishing density gains exhibited in the current release: a sixty-four-fold increase over’ previous MRAM part, which carried only 16Mb.

Jeremy Adams, vice president of products and services at, claimed, “Avalanche’s next-gen 22nm Perpendicular Spin Transfer Torque MRAM technology has enabled Micross to provide greater SWaP [Size, Weight, and Power] savings through the addition of our 1Gb Hermetic MRAM to’ hi-reliability memory portfolio.”

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