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Mobile Strategy of One Plus Turning Worse

The teasers and rumours regarding the future One Plus launch cycle released this week suggest that 2022 will be a particularly difficult year for the once-vibrant smartphone company. Even the sweetest morsel — a normal 10 — was left out of the company’s official announcement today. As a result, it’s become evident that is depending only on the 10 Pro to lead its flagship lineup this year.

However, rather than super-premium devices, One Plus‘ strategy is meant to focus on inexpensive flagships. In that aspect, the planned global launch of the 10 Pro is definitely falling short. This isn’t the first time has had trouble delivering on its “flagship killer” business plan. It took a long time for the more economical 8GB/128GB edition of the  9 Pro to arrive in stores, prompting some to wonder if the variant existed simply in name so that One Plus could advertise a lower price than customers could afford.

Mobile Strategy of One Plus Turning WorseWith rising costs in recent years, it’s never been more difficult to get a flagship at a reasonable price. The fact that we haven’t been especially pleased with the One Plus 10 Pro’s gimmicks during our limited time with the handset just adds to the dilemma of a mediocre and overdue worldwide launch.

We’ll hold judgement until we finish our research, but the phone doesn’t appear to be a fair deal in the present market. Unfortunately, there has been no word from One Plus about a more cheap 10. Instead, reports suggest that a 10R variant will be released in the coming months, followed by an unquestionably more costly 10 Ultra at the end of the year.

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