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Mozilla Firefox Gets New Updates

Mozilla is back with a new privacy-oriented browser update that plays nice with the world’s biggest social network. With the release of Firefox 90, users can use Facebook details to log in to websites in Private Browsing or Strict Mode.

The new change is made possible due to Smartblock 2.0, the new version of the improved third-party tracking blocker that was introduced with Firefox 87. The feature fixes up web pages that are broken by Firefox’s content protections by replacing tracking scripts with stand-ins that allow sites to provide normally.

Mozilla Firefox Gets New UpdatesSmartBlock would restrict scripts on Facebook as a known tracker that was collecting your data or your device’s data across the web. That meant you couldn’t use the pervasive Connect with Facebook option on other sites, which makes signing up for an online service a cinch. Millions of users don’t want to be cut off from the quick login function, Firefox has made it so that Smartblock quickly unblocks Facebook scripts to allow you to sign in with your details as usual.

On websites where you don’t use the function, Firefox continues to block Facebook’s trackers. Mozilla also announced in June that Total Cookie Protection is enabled by default in Private Browsing windows starting with Firefox 89 to automatically protect users from cross-site tracking. The New Firefox launch also adds support for background auto-updates while the web browser is not running.Mozilla Firefox’s history manager allows you to filter the activity by the week, month, too, but the extension does a better job in presenting the content. Click the add-on’s button and a new tab will open, this is Better History’s GUI.

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