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National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee to Advise US Government 

The US Government has established a committee that will advise the government on the research and developments in the field of AI. The committee will advise the White House and other federal agencies of the US.The committee is built to majorly focus on the competitiveness, ethics, and public and private sectors working in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

This move is taken by the US Government as it believes that AI presents an enormous opportunity to tackle many biggest issues surrounding the US. The government is confident that AI will improve it technological competitiveness and boost every sector of the economy. Interestingly, the committee will also prepare the government to face the challenges posed by AI.

National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee to Advise US GovernmentA few months earlier, another National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence was formed by the US Government to regain its position in the field of technology. The US aims to compete with China as it fears that Beijing will lead position in technological advancements. This new committee is built on the same for building strategies around AI challenges.

In the same context, in the previous month, the Department of Defense had announced the Global Information Dominance Experiment. The DOD stated that it would integrate Big Data and try to predict future events.Also, many technology giants are making efforts to expand the AI for workforce program across colleges in different US states.The members of the committee will serve for two to three years, whereas registered federal lobbyists cannot apply for the committee.

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