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New DNA Tech to Help ID Pearl Harbour Unknowns

The Pearl Harbour incident reported a disappointing number of deaths particularly from Arizona recording 1,177 deaths. William Edward Mann was one of the members on board. The Navy member has been presumed dead since December 7, 1941 after the Japanese planes bombarded Pearl Harbour. The bombing resulted in a gigantic explosion sinking Willian Mann’s battleship which was the USS Arizona. Mann’s niece is among the several other families of crew members that lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

These families now stand to demand from the U.S. military to utilize the advances in DNA technology to identify the 85 sailors, and marines that were buried as unknowns. As the military has identified the members from other Pearl Harbour battleships, the families expect the same for the one that has been identified.

New DNA Tech to Help ID Pearl Harbour UnknownsArizona bore more loss than any other ship. Teri Mann Whyatt appealed that the men died for their country and deserve to be Harbour. In case of the remains on other sunken ships during the incident, the Navy has declared the one’s aboard Arizona to be in their final resting place. Families are not pleading for them. They are only concerned with the 85 Arizona unknowns that were buried in Hawaii.

The families were particularly outraged after Kelly McKeague, Director of Defense POW/MIA stated that his agency has addressed the Navy about disinterring the Arizona unknowns. He spoke of transferring the buried to the ship without any dentification as he though it didn’t make pragmatic sense.

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