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New Home Security Service launched by Ecobee

Ecobee now offers a professional security solution to go along with its smart home monitoring equipment. For an extra $10 per month as part of the Complete membership plan, you may enable 24/7 professional monitoring (which is still in beta) with the company’s new Smart Security service, which replaces the Haven service it previously offered. This is half the price of Ring’s current Pro subscription, which includes a professional live monitoring service. Ecobee Smart Security solution sends critical data to emergency responders via the RapidSOS emergency response network.

It sends first responders your home’s entry and exit data, as well as any video or audio snippets acquired by Ecobee devices. It’s crucial to remember that some functionalities are only available on particular smartphones. Ecobee complete product range is used in the Smart Security suite, which is available for $279.99 in an Efficiency and Security Solution package that excludes the SmartCamera. You’ll get everything you need to get started with the Smart Security service in the kit, including two SmartSensors for doors and windows, one ordinary SmartSensor, and a voice-controlled SmartThermostat.

New Home Security Service launched by EcobeeIf you want to add the SmartCamera to that bundle, you’ll have to spend $379.98 total. The $99.99 SmartCamera also works with the service, as its optional video verification feature may send film to monitoring centres if the camera detects the sound of a smoke alarm, allowing dispatchers to send responders faster if an emergency is confirmed.

If you don’t need live monitoring, Ecobee Standard subscription is $5 per month and includes a number of other useful services. Aside from live monitoring, the Smart Security service can remind you to arm or disarm your home by detecting when you’re home using Wi-Fi and geofencing data.

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