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New Message Deletion Feature in Testing Phase for Whatsapp

WhatsApp launched a view Once feature that deletes messages once they are read. Last November Facebook-owned WhatsApp released a feature that automatically deletes messages after 7 days, adding the option of a 24-hour limit in April this year. The messaging platform is working on extending the limit of days for disappearing messages to 90 days.The feature is currently under development and will be available in future development. The users will be able to choose to keep the disappearing messages option off or select a time limit of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

The header for the page is outdated and still shows 7 days, showing that the feature is still under development. It will be corrected before WhatsApp releases the feature for a wider user base.In personal chats, the option for disappearing messages can be toggled by both parties. In group conversations, anyone can change the setting, by the group administrator can select which members can, by going to Group Setting under Group Info.

New Message Deletion Feature in Testing Phase for WhatsappIt seems there will be some time before the feature is available for beta users. It then might take weeks, or even months, before arriving on normal users’ accounts. The Taliban is officially banned from all Facebook apps, including WhatsApp. Twitter does not have a blanket policy on Taliban activity. The micro-blogging platform said that it takes action against accounts violating existing rules against violent content or platform manipulation.

YouTube said it terminates all Taliban-linked accounts based on its interpretation of US sanctions law.A company spokesperson said that YouTube complies with all applicable sanctions and trade compliance laws, including relevant US sanctions. As such, if we find an account believed to be owned and operated by the Afghan Taliban, we terminate it.

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