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OLED Displays on IPad

Apple plans to adopt OLED Display technology in some iPad models next year, following the recent adoption of mini-LED technology in its highest-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to a report from Korea’s ETNews.While the large iPad Pro 12.9 switched to a mini-LED display, the smaller models may go for OLED.

This will be the first Apple iPad not to use an LCD. Samsung and LG are the likely suppliers of OLED panels. They are currently working on OLED Display for the iPhone 13. Image quality, weight and design were reportedly the key considerations in the decision to move away from LCD.The phone-sized OLED Display are produced in great numbers, tablet-sized ones are rare. Some Android tablets do use them, but Apple moves around 50 million iPads a year, so companies will have to invest into expanding the capacity of their factories.

OLED Displays on IPadApple will start with a few models at first and add more as capacity expands. Apple currently uses OLED Display for higher-end iPhones and all Apple Watch models, while the remaining product families continue to use LCD technology. Apple’s 3rd generation Airpods, as the stem is believed to be shortened. While a new wireless chip should provide a wider range, streamline device pairing, improve battery life and deliver enhanced system functions for both the 3rd generation Airpods and 2nd generation Airpods Pro.

The 3rd generation Airpods priced at USD 199 and 2nd generation Airpods Pro are now expected to be unveiled at Apple’s June 8, 2021. The official release is expected this year at the World Developers Conference.

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